Sunday Brunch- Fall Edition

IMG_7361Sweater (similar one)  | Dress (similar one) | Purse (similar one) | Sandals | Earrings 

I don’t know about you guys but I really find comfort in the saying “everything happens for a reason”. As I noted in this other post, the early summer months were not ideal for me and were full of uncertainty. It’s exciting to me to have gotten back on track and started something new which for me was grad school! It’s hard to imagine my life without my 80+ new friends, new goals, and new memories from the last 2 months that make me burst out laughing. Looking back, I think it was important to go through the things I did in order to be more focused for what I want in the future. I almost wish people could look ahead into the future and tell me what’s going to happen because as I grow up, I see a lot of the dots connect from my past. I think it’s important to remember that even if you’re in a negative or bad place, that good things are coming ahead!

Changing gears, I’m excited to have a new blog post up! I put this outfit together for a media brunch this past weekend with Bumble. It is still not fully Fall yet in GA so I paired a light dress with a cropped sweater (my go to combo for Fall)!

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Travel Guide: Favorite Spots in Nashville

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetThis is long overdue buttt I’m excited to finally share a travel post about Nashville today! I went a few months ago for my birthday and have been meaning to write up my favorite spots I visited in the city! Nashville is under 4 hours of driving from Atlanta and makes the perfect weekend trip- I went with some of my best friends and we had so much fun! Check out the list below and leave me some recommendations too!

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REVIEW: Londontown Nail Care

DSC06674From left to right: “Opal”, Ridge Filler, “Murray Me”, Top Coat, “Cheerio”

Hi everyone! Some of you may know if you follow my Instagram, but I started my masters in business administration this week! With starting any new stage of life that involves meeting a ton of people, it’s best to look clean and polished! I definitely wanted my nails done to make me look extra put together so I tried out these Londontown polishes! It’s is a rapidly growing, luxury nail care and polish brand that just launched in Neiman Marcus and Anthropologie!

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Travel Guide: Reykjavik, Iceland (without a car)

IMG_5173Hey everyone! I just returned from an amazing trip to Iceland and Norway with my mom and wanted to share my recommendations with you all for Iceland! Typically when people travel there, they rent a car and drive the Ring Road around the country but we didn’t do this (you can check out Julia Engel’s amazing post about their trip that they rented a car for). Instead, we spent half of our 4 day trip in the city of Reyjavik and then the other half on day-long tours so that we could still venture out into the scenic areas. (Note, these tours didn’t involve hiking.) Read on to see what we did! Continue reading

Travel Guide: Southampton, NY

IMG_0641Hey everyone! I recently got back from a trip out to Southampton for my friend Natasha’s birthday! Since seeing it on Gossip Girl and hearing about how boujie it is, my gal friends and I had been wanting to go for years! It was in a lot of ways exactly what we thought it would be like in the sense that there’s a lot of upper class people and people are driving luxury cars like Porsche’s and Bentley’s on every corner. A lot of our friends gave us advice that when people go to the Hamptons, they typically rent a house and stay in that house to party (rather than going out to a lot of different places). Since we don’t live near NY, we wanted to do a lot of exploring while we were out there and I wanted to share that with you guys! Continue reading

Florals All Summer

IMG_5317Top (similar cut here) | Shorts (similar ones  here) | Boots (similar one here and here) | Hat (similar one here and here) | Fitbit | Fitbit Band

I’ve been hooked on florals this summer and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s because the trend nowadays are bright colors & prints and florals are one of the few prints I wear. Georgia has also been a complete sauna lately so I’ve been trying to wear clothes that are as thin as possible (without being see-through of course). This outfit is so light and comfy and perfect for a stroll around the city! I took these in Piedmont Park with my photographer Taylor. Since I also like to make my posts personal too, I decided to do another “12 Random Things” about my life at the bottom of the post if you want to check it out! (The last time I did it was in December and you can find the post here.)

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