Cheer Up On Rainy Days!

I absolutely love rainy days because it is a day to change up my look. Sure other girls are wearing hoodies and sneakers because they “don’t care” what they look like on gloomy days. But all you need is a pop of color in your outfit to stand out from the overcasted day. I have recently fallen in love with the variety of rain boots and how much color and detail they add to an outfit! Here is how I would put together an outfit for a rainy day! (Click to enlarge.)

Forever 21 Solid Knit Dress- $15.80
Chiffon Flower Headband- $2.80
Target- Women’s Pina Plaid Rain Boots – Navy/Light Cream- $19.99

Buying plaid rain boots are definitely a cute trend because it brings a lot of different colors to an outfit. The pink scarf in this outfit will really bring a pop of color to the rather simple dress and of course to the gray day! The flower headband will also add to this outfit by making it very cute and girly. If you can’t come up with an outfit for a rainy day, you could always try matching an outfit to your rain boots 🙂 Or… you could try matching your umbrella since you will be using it a lot on a rainy day! Here are some cute umbrella ideas.. you can find some pretty colorful ones at Walmart which is where some of these are from 🙂 (Click to enlarge.)

Have fun dancing in the rain!
– Emily

One thought on “Cheer Up On Rainy Days!

  1. Heather says:

    I like rainy days too. There is something relaxig and happy about them. And I'm getting ready to go to away to school next semester and I soooo need some rain boots and a super cute umbrella! love the inspiration!!


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