Trend to Try: Lace!

A trend that I have definitely noticed at school recently is lace. Whether it is on girls’ sweater or their tights, it is surely becoming popular. Lace just adds an attention-grabbing, feminine touch to any outfit. I personally love it because it makes me feel bold and edgy. If you are not yet comfortable with wearing lace pieces, you could start small with things such as lace purses, jewelry, or shoes. Several celebrities are also really liking the lace trend. The celebrities featured in the photos below are Taylor Swift, Taylor Momsen, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, and Lauren Conrad.

Here are some pieces to try so that you can add this new trend to your own outfits. Some of the item’s names are linked to their individual websites so feel free to check it out! (Click to Enlarge Photo)

1) Forever 21 Chiffon & Chantilly Lace Skirt $22.80
2) Charlotte Russe Lace 2-Fer Dress $36.50
3) Rue 21 15″ Elastic Waist Metallic Lace Tiered Skirt with Tie $19.99
4) Charlotte Russe Lace A-Line Skirt $29.50
5) Rue 21 Angel sleeve lace inset tunic $19.99
6) Forever 21 Boudoir Lace Print Top $19.80
7) Contrast Lace Skirt $15.80
8) Lacy Peeptoe With Bow $28.00
9) Laced clutches add glamour to any going out outfit!
Wetseal Tulle Lace Mini Skirt $10.00
Wetseal Long Sleeve Lace Top $10.80

Thanks for stopping by!
– Emily

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