OOTD: My Holiday Celebration Look

At my school, we do a traditional holiday celebration every year. Here is a quick post about what I wore! I was going for a classy simple look with a pop of color (my shoes)! (I was standing next to little kids so I had to bend my knees in a lot of the pictures.) I’m not sure where most of my clothes are from but I know the skirt is from Ross.

Ha so funny story about these shoes. They are about 2 1/2 inches tall and they were comfortable when I first bought them and tried them on. Well I wore these to my prom last year without breaking them in first.. bad idea. We went to dinner downtown and since the place prom was held was down the street, our group decided to walk.. again bad idea. The street was completely uphill and my feet will killing me by the time we made it to the ballroom. I would’ve taken off my shoes when we were walking but you know how filthy downtowns can be. Once I took off my shoes at the dance, my feet were cramping for an hour. haha Long story short, break in your shoes.

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