Cold Weather Necessity: Sporty Vests!

Ah yes another winter clothing necessity! Vests are surprisingly very warm but cute at the same time! This is an item that will definitely add variation to your entourage of clothes because they come in all sorts of colors and patterns. My personal favorites are ones that come with foax fur on the hoods. Below are some vests you should try!

This is my white vest from Body Central! I am in love with the frills on it!

These vests are adorable and only $25.00! These are called the Fur-Lined Puffer Vests from Aeropostale.

The pink and dark blue vests are the American Eagle Sporty Puffer Vests. They cost $39.95 and are made of really good quality material.
The light blue and purple vests are the Frost Free Vests from Old Navy! They only cost $24.50 and have a high neck line to keep you warm!

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