Trend I Want To Try: Mint Green Nail Polish

I know that the traditional Christmas green is a dark color but a new color I want to try this holiday season is mint green. I think it is such a cute way to add a green into your everyday look! It is a unique color and I feel like it is a relatively new color to wear on your nails. I noticed this color after seeing in Seventeen magazine in one of their past issues. It also makes me think of mint chocolate oreos 🙂 I haven’t seen any of the girls my age wearing this color yet and I think it would be a way to stand out. Who knows, it could put you in the holiday mood too! Here are three products I’ve heard tons of people rave about on Youtube.

MAC’s Peppermint Patti 

Fabulous Fact: Egyptians used nail color to signify social order, with shades of dark red at the top. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt colored her nails and toenails ruby red. Women of lower social classes were permitted only pale colors.

Thanks for reading this post!
❤ Emily

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