Ke$ha Inspired New Year’s Look

By now I think most of you will recognize who this is a picture of. Yep you guessed it: Ke$ha. My Spanish teacher says that anyone who uses a dollar sign in their name should not be famous lol. But I on the other hand disagree because I am personally a big fan of her music. She is known mainly for her rebellious lyrics and glitter overload. I find her style to be extremely bold and therefore created two Ke$ha inspired New Year’s party looks. Let me know what you think and tell me what you’re wearing for New Year’s!

Outfit #1- Dress and Clutch from Charlotte Russe, Shoes from Forever 21 (Everything under $30)

 Outfit #2- Dress and Shoes are from Charlotte Russe

Here are also some great items to try out!
Forever 21 (Click Photo to Enlarge):

Charlotte Russe (Click Photo to Enlarge):

I hope everyone has a great New Year!!

4 thoughts on “Ke$ha Inspired New Year’s Look

  1. Toni Tralala says:

    I love dancing to Tik-Tok on Just Dance 2! 🙂 I play it on the Wii!

    Well, the $ is just decorative anyway. 😛 Your teacher needs to lighten up. lol. I like her songs too!

    Have a splendid New Year! 🙂


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