CVS and Bath & Body Works Haul and Review!!!!!!

Of course, after hearing all the buzz about the huge clearance sale at CVS, I had to stop by. All though a lot of stuff that I was planning to buy was already gone, I ended up getting a good bit of stuff. I got to get a lot of products I had been eyeing for a while or had heard great things about. I also went to Bath & Body Works today and I honestly cannot get enough!!!! I am so insanely obsessed with this store right now that I don’t even know what do to with myself. haha How did I not care about this store before? I have no idea lol because now I am in love with it! Well here’s everything I got!

This is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Afterglow. I absolutely love this because it has a bizillion sparkles in it! It gives off a slight pink color but is on the sheer side. It is also a nice texture and a tad sticky. However, I do find that I have to reapply this more than other lip glosses. Overall though, I really love this gloss and will use it frequently. It retails for $7.99.
I have always noticed this Wet n’ Wild lipstick in Pink Ice but never bought it until recently. I actually really like the bright pink color, and it was very pigmented for a $0.99 product! The only annoying thing is that the lipstick doesn’t scroll down all the way so I’m super cautious to not knick the lipstick with the cap.
This is the Maybelline New York Expert Wear Blush in Pinch O’ Pink. I actually really love this blush. I bought it because I need one that isn’t in a palette so I can bring it with me when I travel. The color payoff was very good in this blush and it also gives a nice glow. It retails for $5.47.
Lastly from CVS, I purchased the Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish in Caribbean Frost. I thought it was a unique color and I definitely don’t have anything like it. It was also only $0.99!

(I do not own this photo.)

These products are from Bath and Body Works! They are still having their huge clearance sale so I’m not sure how much all of these products retail for when not on sale. Clearance prices differ from store to store, just F.Y.I.
1) Dark Kiss 2 oz. Lotion– I got this for only $1.00! I had been recommended this scent several times and I actually really do like it!
2) Homemade Cookies Fragrance Oil– I am in love with this scent. Who doesn’t the smell of fresh baked cookies? No one! This oil is a little bit thicker than the other fragrance oils though. It takes me a little bit longer to get the oil on the pads. I purchased it for $3.75 but it retails for $7.50!
3) Lemon Vanilla Travel Sized Lotion– This has 3 oz. of product in a bottle and cost only $1.25! I was also recommended this and I’m glad people told me about this because it is awesome! It totally reminds me of summer!
4) Blue/ Green Glitter Pocketbac– These only cost $0.50 and I need another one for my purse! The other one I bought went on my key chain ๐Ÿ™‚ The hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works smell great and these make them more convenient!
What is your favorite Bath and Body Works item or scent???? I am new to the store and would love to buy things you recommend! Also, please vote in the poll on the sidebar! โค

2 thoughts on “CVS and Bath & Body Works Haul and Review!!!!!!

  1. Leslie says:

    I have that Wild Shine polish and I really like the color. I recommend Wild Shine polish in Night Prowl if you don't have it – it's only 99 cents and is a gorgeous shade.

    Love your haul! My fave bath & body works scents are sweet pea & cucumber & melon ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. MassachusettsMask says:

    I'm so jealous you got the Revlon Lipgloss on sale! I was just at CVS the other day and they didn't have ANY makeup clearance whatsoever :(.

    You should do a full review on the gloss so I'll know if it's worth full price ๐Ÿ™‚


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