BRIDALPLASTY?? What the heck?!!?!

Ok so yesterday I was cleaning my room and decided to turn on the TV. I put it on the E! (Entertainment) Channel and this show called Bridalplasty was on. Basically it is a show where like 10 to-be brides live in a house together and go through challenges. Whoever wins the challenges gets to have their choice of PLASTIC SURGERY. I mean there were girls with bandages on their noses from getting nose jobs, there were people with bandages on their arms and slings on their heads.. SERIOUSLY? The whole time I was thinking “WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE ARE THEY TRYING TO SEND TO THEIR VIEWERS?!?!” Are they trying to say that you have to have plastic surgery to be beautiful and confident???

OH BUT THE WORST PART WAS THIS: When people got booted off the show, the host would say to the girl “Now you are still going to have your wedding, it just won’t be perfect.” Wow. Wowwwwww.

Everything about this show was so wrong. You don’t need to change the way you look to be beautiful for goodness sake! They are sending out a terrible message to their viewers. I mean seriously? Think about what younger teenage girls are going to think from watching this show. Magazines such as Seventeen have been constantly working to get the message across that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin but this show is just totally the opposite of that.

AND WHAT ABOUT THEIR TO-BE HUSBANDS? Think about it, if their finance already proposed to them because he loves the way they look and act, is he really going to want someone who looks totally different to marry?? If he already loves you for the way you look then why are you trying to change yourself?? Because news flash, when you get a nose job you are going to look different! Gosh, this show makes no sense to me.

Whew! Okay I am done venting haha. Basically, be comfortable with who you are. You don’t need to changes things about yourself to be beautiful.

2 thoughts on “BRIDALPLASTY?? What the heck?!!?!

  1. Vintage-Mae says:

    Lols, I know, I was thinking just the same when I randomly scramble onto this show. Esp. at the end when they say, “Now you are still going to have your wedding, it just won't be perfect.” =/

    WTH, right?!


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