Guy Q&A: What is the #1 mistake girls make with clothes or makeup that drives you crazy?

Okay so I thought that it would be very helpful to everyone if I asked my guy friends what is the thing they really hate that girls do with makeup or fashion. Now I understand some of you may read this and say “Well what do they know? They aren’t interested in makeup or any of that stuff.” Yea sure this is true but don’t you wonder sometimes what guys think about your look? Here is a post that will hopefully help everyone understand what bothers or annoys the males in our life. (Just as a heads up, please keep an open mind when reading this.)

#1) Too much makeup. The absolute number one response that I received was that guys hate when girls put on too much makeup. I asked 17 guys and 10 of them said they don’t think a lot of makeup is attractive at all. One guy said too much makeup hides natural beauty and guys like subtle makeup. Another guy justified his answer by saying that girls tend to become dependent on makeup. He said: “I have no problem with a tad bit of eyeliner or blush or lipstick to highlight some stuff, but there should never be a hugely dramatic difference between no makeup and makeup. It gets distracting when there is an overload of makeup.” Another person said: Don’t put on so much makeup that I can’t see your face. Too much makeup indicates low self esteem and girls always appear more beautiful when they can be confident and embrace themselves.”

      Here were some other answers:
  • Too much lipstick or putting on any red lipstick (One guy described it as being terrible.)
  • Too much eyeshadow- especially purple eyeshadow. One guy said he really doesn’t like it when girls put on colored makeup because it doesn’t look natural.
  • Too much blush
  • “Fake tans are disgusting.”
  • Dressing up too much
  • “They always think they can wear better clothes or better makeup. They’re fine the way they are.”
  • Girls that wear clothing that is extremely uncomfortable for the sake of style.
  • Sagging their pants
  • Looking emo (lol)
  • Wearing the same hoodie everyday
  • Girls shouldn’t try and cover up flaws but rather enhance their best features.
  • Short skirts aren’t attractive. “Showing everything like your butt crack when your skirt is too short is gross.”
  • Looking “easy”
  • Buying new dresses for every single event because girls wear them once and never wear them again.
  • “I hate and love really tight sweat pants…” (I think he is talking about yoga pants). “…I hate you for making me want to look but I love you for how it looks.”
  • Clothes when it doesn’t make sense.
  • “I absolutely hate cake face makeup on girls, but who doesn’t. I also get really cringey when I get close to a girl and you can see powder build up on her cheeks.”
  • When a girl throws on lots of fake ‘bling’ for no reason.
  • “If you feel comfortable and relaxed in your clothes then we will too. Sometimes a well fitted pair of jeans is most attractive.”

Okay girls so here is what I think everyone should take away from this. Yes the truth can hurt but some things should probably be changed if you are loading tons of makeup on and want guys attention. Sure it is okay to branch out every now and then but consistently doing it is a little much. Basically I have learned that natural looking makeup is the way to go. Here are some pictures that will hopefully inspire you to try it out.

Let me know if there are any questions you would like my guy friends to answer!

2 thoughts on “Guy Q&A: What is the #1 mistake girls make with clothes or makeup that drives you crazy?

  1. Claudia says:

    I've definitely learnt my lesson when it comes to natural make up. My mum bugs me about it every morning “you're wearing TOO much” and i never used to listen to her. She was right. But, i can't resist a dramatic smokey eye on a night out. Great post!


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