Bronze Makeup Look Inspired By Ashley Benson and Review on Pretty Little Liars!!

Alright so lately I have been hooked on the show Pretty Little Liars. It is sooo suspenseful but not too scary (because I am the biggest wuss when it comes to scary movies lol). It is about 4 girls who were best friends with a girl who went missing and now they are trying to find out who murdered her. It is such a good show and I have no idea how it is going to end! All the girls are also extremely pretty and have such great clothes on the show!

One of the girls in particular, Ashley Benson who plays Hannah, always seems to stun me with her gorgeous makeup and outfits! I’m always wondering what she is going to wear next! I wanted to show you all this bronzy/ golden makeup look that was inspired by Ashley Benson!

Well the camera does not do much justice to this first picture but basically I went for a very shimmery gold color on the lids and a coppery lip color. Everything in this look was very glittery and would look great in any season!
In the pictures below, you will hopefully be able to see how much shimmer is in the eyeshadow and lipstick/ lipgloss. Yea I’m not much of a matte makeup person haha
List of Products
  1. Lancome 3-D Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  2. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
  3. Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in “Give Me Gold” (I used the copper color on top of the MAC eyeshadow to add a more bronzy color and I mixed the gold and white color for the inner corner.)
  4. Estee Lauder Pure Pops Lip Gloss in Sugar Pie
  5. MAC Mineralized Dual Eyeshadow in Mayhem (I used this without a base and look how vibrant it is on the picture of my eyes!!)
  6. Estee Lauder Lipstick in Tiger Eye
  7. Revlon Eyelash Curler
– Earrings that I am wearing in the pictures are also in the picture above.
Let me know what you think of Ashley Benson, if you like this look, or if you like Pretty Little Liars!! I highly recommend the show!

One thought on “Bronze Makeup Look Inspired By Ashley Benson and Review on Pretty Little Liars!!

  1. Heather says:

    OMG! I love Pretty Little Liars. I couldn't get enough of the show so I started reading the books and they are just as amazing!

    I love this look! It totally looks like something Hanna would wear!

    Great post!!


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