Trendy Makeup Bags!!

Recently, I have seen a few makeup travel bag videos on Youtube so I thought I would do a post about where you could get a cute one! The ones I chose are all relatively inexpensive and none of them cost more than $10! I am always traveling a lot and having a big-sized, durable makeup bag is a necessity! I hope you enjoy this post and find a makeup bag that works for you!

The first three bags I want to show you all are from Forever 21! The first two only cost $5.80 and the third bag is $7.80. The third one also folds out and has two big pockets perfect for holding every kind of makeup!

Here are two more expandable makeup bags that fold open with pockets! The first one is also from Forever 21 and only costs $7.80! The second one is from Charlotte Russe and is more for the purpose of holding brushes and manicure tools. It costs $10.50.

To switch it up a bit, here are three bags from Aeropostale that each cost $9.99!

Next, are four sequin bags of the same design from Forever 21 which cost $6.80 each. Sorry if you are sick of me choosing stuff from Forever 21 by this point. lol There is just so much cute stuff there! This bag also comes in black but is not pictured below.

Alright so these four are also from Forever 21. The first one is $4.80 and the second one costs $5.80 and has adorable sequins on the lettering! The third makeup bag only has sequins on the sides of the cheetah print but costs $4.80! The fourth bag is for the price of $5.80.

Let me know which one is your favorite! πŸ™‚ They are the cutest ones I could find!Β 

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