Party/Dance/Cocktail Dresses and My Favorite Dress Styles!

It is almost time for my school’s Sadie’s Hawkins dance so I thought this would be a good time for this post! It is basically like homecoming except the girls ask the guys. I unfortunately will not be able to go this year because I will be out of town again lol Anywho, here are some ideas for dresses in case you are going to a dance or a special occasion soon! These are all dresses I have worn in the past 3 years and I have tried to remember where I got each one lol. My friends that are in the pictures with me all have dresses that are worth admiring! At the end of this post, I will show pictures of my current favorite dress styles!

(Photos above) I got this purple dress from my favorite store Ross! I’m not sure if you can get it there anymore but I know Dillards has the same dress in red for around $80. The first picture is of my best friend, Sara, and me before we met up with the rest of the group for homecoming! I loved her dress and all the white detailing was fabric that came out of the dress! It was gorgeous! The second picture is a close up of my jewelry and sort of my makeup. haha

This is an aqua halter dress that I wore to a dance during a summer camp. It had tons of glitter on it- like I literally would leave a trail of glitter everywhere I walked. haha This dress was definitely eye-catching and I received tons of compliments when I wore it! It is from Macy’s!

Above is a  picture of my friends and me at homecoming. My dress is a low-cut halter with a rose in the middle. The photo to the right is from formal night on a cruise! My friend’s dress is from Urban Outfitters.

With any dress, it is important to have a cute matching clutch or bag! Here are a few that I have used in the past but are currently sitting on a shelf in my closet lol The black looking one in the front is the wristlet I use the most because it has tons of different colored reflexes on the sequins (you probably can’t see it because of the camera) like purple, green, & blue!
Here are some of my favorite dresses and styles for parties or dances! All are from Nordstrom‘s except the first one on the bottom row (that is from Dillard’s).


They all cost under $70 except for the first dress which is by Maxx Azria so it is priced at $438. haha Not something I would personally buy but I like the look of it! I also really love the asymmetrical black dress on the first row because it is a bit more edgy and unique.

My favorite style of all time for a dress is the one shoulder design! I think it is so elegant and gorgeous! I have yet to get one of these but hopefully I will soon! Ones that have beading, sequins, or even flowers going across the shoulder look amazing.

Wow this post was super long! lol

I would love to hear your comments and let me know what your favorite dress style is for dances or parties!

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