Trend to Try: Shoe Buckles!!

My friend Chandler was recently trying to persuade me to help her bring back the trend of shoe buckles! I was not convinced at first (especially because every time I googled “shoe buckles” I was given a picture of leprechaun shoes haha) but after seeing her shoes, I thought it was a good idea! Here is what she was wearing that day!

Now these are not very easy to find but my friend said that she got them from her grandmother. So since these are very vintage-y, you can probably find them at a thrift store! Which is a plus because that means it will not be very expensive! The other day I actually saw some being sold at Target and they were actually really cute! The buckles that are in the pictures above are very easy to put on as they are clip-ons. They are gorgeous and have tons of detailing on them! I found this website that sells shoe clips but I do not swear by this company or anything because I have never ordered anything from them. I’m not sponsored by them either but the website is: If you are still not convinced about this shoe buckle trend yet then check out the following photos and picture yourself adding this accessory to your wardrobe! It would be very stylish and you would be a trend setter!

And here are some shoes with buckles!

Let me know what you think about this trend and whether or not you will try it!

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