I Can Cook! Check Out These Easy Recipes!

Yesterday, my brother and I spent a pretty peaceful, fun day together. We went to Publix in the morning and picked up a lot of food for lunch! It was sort of on accident but long story short we had to finish the food we bought before my parents got home. I was literally full for the ENTIRE day. hahaha I probably only get to cook once every two or three months so if I can do these yummy recipes on a whim then so can you! Try them out and let me know what you think!

Breakfast: Cinnamon French Toast!

Serves: 2


  • 4 pieces of bread (each cut into thirds)
  • Vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • Maple Syrup

Mix the cinnamon, sugar, and eggs in a bowl. Add a little bit of vegetable oil to your pan so that the eggs won’t stick. Dip the cuts of bread into the bowl with the eggs (make sure to coat both sides with the mixture.) Then place this onto the pan. After about 30 seconds, flip the piece of bread or until each side is a golden/ brown color. When serving, add some Maple Syrup to make it nice and sweet!

Lunch: Crunchy Meat Panini and Nachos!

Crunchy Meat Panini:
Serves: 1


  • 2 slices of sourdough bread
  • 3 pieces of sandwich meat (I used salami, turkey, and turkey ham)
  • Preggo Tomato Spaghetti Sauce
  • 1.5 slices of Cheddar Cheese
  • Pepperoni

I began by laying out the pieces of bread and putting a layer of pepperoni on one slice. Next I layered the 3 pieces of sandwhich meat on top of that. Then came the cheese. I also spread the Preggo Tomato Sauce on both slices of bread for extra flavor. Then I toasted it in an oven for 5 minutes (or at least until the bread is crunchy and the cheese is melted.)


Serves: 2


  • Tostito’s Whole Grain Tortilla Chips
  • 1/4 cup of Tostito’s Salsa
  • 1/4 cup of Shredded American Cheese
  • 2 slices of Cheddar Cheese
  • Pepperoni

Place the tortilla chips into a microwavable bowl. Evenly place the shredded American Cheese and pepperoni over the chips. Tear up the slices of Cheddar Cheese and place them onto the chips (This will taste awesome when melted.) Place the bowl in the microwave for 45 seconds to a minute or until the cheese is melted. After the nachos are heated, pour salsa over the bowl and you’re done!

Snack: Strawberry Mango Smoothie!

Serves: 4


  • 10 Strawberries
  • 1 Mango (peeled)
  • 2 cups of Ice
  • 1/2 cup of Milk
  • 1/2 cup of OceanSpray CranApple Juice
  • 2 spoons of Cool Whip Topping

Blend everything together. hahaha Simple as that. I would suggest frozen yogurt instead of Cool Whip but I didn’t have any at home. lol However, Cool Whip could be nice on top of the smoothie after you finished making it!

Let me know if you want more posts like this!

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