Find Your Perfect Spring Floral Dress!

It is almost Spring time again! Now I am not that big of a fan of Spring because it is humid where I live in the Spring and I have a tendency to sweat and all.. but today my friend and I were walking to class and she said “I’m so excited for Spring! Oh sorry.. because I know you’re not.” And I thought about it for a second, then I replied “No, that’s okay. I’m excited to wear dresses again! (lol)” But not just any dress; I am super excited to get more floral dresses this Spring!

Tomorrow is our school’s special guest speaker day so we all have a dress up day where the students can’t wear jeans or sneakers or stuff like that. It is pretty formal.. so I am planning to wear a floral dress with a black blazer over it and black heels! It is the floral dress that I showed in this haul post. I will include pics from the assembly and an outfit of the day in the my next post.

I thought it would be a perfect time to do this post about floral dresses! As you can tell, I am a big fan of Taylor Swift and I think she just always wears florals so nicely (shown in the pictures at the top of the post)! The following pieces are all affordable and would be great additions to your closet! You will not regret your purchase once the bright sun shines on your beautiful flower-printed dress! 🙂

These 4 dresses are all from Forever 21. The two white dresses have very suttle floral prints. The fourth dress is very bold and would probably be best for the evening. My favorite of these is the 2nd one because it is to me the most girly one and could be worn in so many different ways! 🙂 Dress 1 and 3: $22.80/ Dress 2: $15.80/ Dress 4: 24.80

These 2 dresses are from dELIA*s. I’m loving the colors on the first one. It also has some cool braiding/ criss cross detailing on the front! The blue dress would be perfect for wearing at the beach! Dress 1: $44.50/ Dress 2: $39.50

These next 8 dresses are from Abercrombie & Fitch. I loveee those first two dresses. Anything with ruffles catches my eye and it also makes a piece look more expensive! Just as a heads up, this store is a bit more pricey. Dress 1&2: $58/ Dress 3&4: $68

Ahhh bows. How wonderfully girly. I love that navy one on the left. These would be perfect anywhere but especially if you are going to attend a spring or summer wedding! All four dresses costs $47.60.

Okay, these first 2 dresses are from Hollister & Co. and the last two are from Abercrombie & Fitch again. lol The first two dresses look almost like they are made out of denim. The criss cross and ruffles add extra detail to this piece! They costs $39.50. I truly love the white dress because it would be super bright and gorgeous in the sun! It costs $40.60 and the last dress costs $58.

Let me know if you are excited for Spring or which dress was your favorite! If you know of an amazing store to find floral dresses, then please let me know!

Muah! ❤

5 thoughts on “Find Your Perfect Spring Floral Dress!

  1. che says:

    Cute set of floral dress picks, I ADORE floral print anything. I usually wait for the dresses from hollister to go on sale though before I purchase, to expensive when it's retail.


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