I Love Her Style: Heather Morris

Many of my posts have shown my obsession with the show Glee! The other night I was watching it and after seeing Heather Morris’ outfit, I really wanted to a post on her style. She is super talented and gorgeous to say at the least! I love how confident she always looks and how she always seems to be having fun with everything she does! Here is the picture of the outfit that she was wearing that I really loved!

It was the Valentine’s Day episode and “Brittany”, played by Heather, was wearing this cute oversized tee with a heart on it with black suspenders and shorts. Maroon knee-high socks and heels were added along as well. I thought this look was really amazing and a mix of preppy and street style. I love every time the Cheerio’s quit the cheerleading squad because then we get to see their gorgeous outfits! That also includes Dianna Agron who plays “Quinn” on the show and who’s style I have also done a post on! Click here to see it!

Heather Morris’ Outstanding Outfits!

Here is Heather Morris at the Emmy’s in 2010! This sequined dress is stunning and she kept this look from being too “in your face” by keeping her hair simple with shiny waves. I also love her matte red lips because it keeps everything in her look from being shimmery. I like that she added the black clutch as well because it is suttle but elegant.

Here is Heather at the Grammy’s this year! I love this flowy dress that has plenty of detail at the bust area. It appears as a mix of feathers and diamonds. This cream color is also super flattering on her and the whole look is just gorgeous! The makeup is very lovely and simple and is mainly nude. I’m liking the drop earrings as well! She is stunning!!

Here are some of her other cute outfits!

Here is a fun video of her and another Glee star teaching you “How to Dougie”! lol Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uYi729Rf0U

Let me know what you think about her style!

3 thoughts on “I Love Her Style: Heather Morris

  1. Tasha says:

    She looks so gorgeous at the Grammy's! That dress is breathtaking!

    Also, loved the V-Day shirt she wore on glee!

    Oh, I'm following now too! Thanks for following me as well! πŸ™‚


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