My Sunglasses Collection!!

Here is my small sunglass collection! I am kinda obsessed but have restrained myself from buying too many. lol I am in love with the 80’s and the aviator’s style for sunglasses. I will list where my sunglasses are from and their prices. From left to right starting with the first row:

1) Turquoise 80’s Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters– $10
2) No idea haha
3) Pink Aviators- Claires- $12
4) Pink Zebra Sunglasses- Ross- $6
5) Black Rhinestone (on the side) Sunglasses- Old Navy– $8.50
6) M&M 80’s Sunglasses- I don’t know the price because these were my mom’s from when I was a little kid!

Here are two pictures of me wearing the #4 and #6 sunglasses! These were taken a year apart.. so I didn’t mean to do peace signs in both of them. haha

Here are some sunglasses that I really want right now! lol

1) Adorn Bow Wayfarer Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters- $14- These are ADORABLE!! I want to buy them more than any other pair of sunglasses right now! haha
2) FO466 Sunglasses- Forever 21– $5.80- These have a cute floral print on the edge of them! And I am a sucker for a good pair of aviators. lol
3) Risky Business Sunglasses- Urban Oufitters- $10- Again.. floral print 🙂 and the 80’s style which is my favorite style of sunglasses! haha

Now.. If I were to splurge on a pair of sunglasses.. it would be these!

These are aviators from Juicy Couture! They cost $98.00. Silver and white would compliment my skin tone better than gold but I had been wanting gold ones for a while. It seems that I’m obsessed with aviators but I’m not; I’m just on the search for the perfect one! haha I just think they make people look so badass when you see them driving or walking around with them on. lol

Here are some pics of celebs wearing aviator sunglasses. (I personally do not like anything about Lindsay Lohan or Vanessa Hudgens; however, I do think they are pretty and that is the only reason why I included them in this post.)

Thanks for reading my blog! <3

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