Vibrant Violet! A Gorgeous Spring Eyeshadow Look!

Spring is almost here and that means you can use tons of colors in your makeup again! My personal favorite color to wear on my eyes is purple because I have brown eyes and it helps bring them out. Purple looks nice on any color eye though! Here are two eye looks that I did.. they look very similar but one is more affordable than the other. I get complimented on this look all the time so I wanted to share it with you all!
First I began by priming my eyes. I use a concealer [$9] (which I did a review on) to do this step but a real eyeshadow primer would probably work better (I don’t really know though because I have never owned a real eyeshadow primer. lol)
Next, I used my Mary Kay Soft Luster Eye Color Stick in Violet Dawn as a base.
Before I get to the next steps, here are products that I used for the less expensive way to achieve a vibrant violet look!
Next, I used the Elf Brightening Eye Pot which is actually a lavender-ish color (#2 in the picture) to lighten up the lid color.                                                                                             Since the look wasn’t as vibrant as I would like it to be, I used the Jessie’s Girl Eye Dust in Ultra Violet [$4] and this added tons of sparkles and dimension! 🙂
After the eyeshadow, I lined my water-line with Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black 201 [$7]. I used the Maybelline Ultra Liquid Liner in Black (#6) [$7.50] for my top eyeliner but I used the brush from the Fresh Minerals Liquid Liner [#4] (the product in there is dry now) because it is very precise. Then I used two types of Maybelline mascara to coat my eyelashes (#1- $7.50 and #5- $7.50)! Below is the finished look! Sorry I can’t look directly at the camera during these pictures because if I do then you won’t be able to see the eyeshadow very well because of Asian eyelids :/ lol oh well.

Alright! Here is the version using a MAC Pigment in Nocturnelle.
I started the same way with the concealer as an eyeshadow primer. However, I did not use a base because MAC Pigments [$19.50] are amazing and go on very pigmented! I did the same steps with the eyeliner and mascara as mentioned in the paragraph above. This look is a little brighter than the other one.
I hope you enjoyed this post and try this look!! Let me know what you think! Happy Spring!!

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