COMPARISON: Bath&Body Works Scentbug VS. Candles


I have recently fallen in love with candles and after remembering that I owned a Scentbug, I was trying to think of reasons why I would have both things since they are both equally capable of producing a fragrance. Here is what I came up with.

Why a Scentbug is better than a candle:

  • It comes in a large variety of colors and prints. They even have cute Christmas or Halloween themed ones.
  • You can change the fragrance as many times as you want (you are not stuck with one scent like you would be with a candle.)
  • Completely safe (there is no way you could burn down your house. lol). It would be perfect for a dorm if you were to leave for class but wanted to come back with a great smelling room!
Why a candle is better than a Scentbug:

  • Candles are silent unlike the Scentbug which makes a little bit of noise when it’s on because of the fan inside.
  • It does not require oil pads and fragrance oils like the Scentbug. (Fragrance oils can be quite expensive too because each one retails for $7 and it only has .33 fl oz in it!) [In case you don’t know what it looks like, it is shown to the right.]
  • Adds light to the room.
  • Lasts a long time. (Unlike the Scentbug because if you have it constantly on, then you would have to replace the batteries about every 3 days.)
As you can see there are plenty of reasons for getting either product (or you could buy both like myself hehe).

Right now there is a sale at where you can get two 14.5 oz 3-wick candles for $20 or get 3 mini 1.6 oz candles for $5!

There is also a good deal for a fragrance oil: It will be $4 if you purchase it with a Scentbug which retail for $12.50.

Here are some fragrance oils and candles that I suggest if you are planning to buy a Scentbug or candle soon!

Fragrance oils:                                                               Candles:

– Homemade cookies (my favorite!)                                – Vanilla Caramel
Island Nectar                                                                     – Homemade Cookies
Pineapple Mango                                                              – Pink Sangria
                                                                                                 – Caribbean Salsa
                                                                                                 – Island Mojito

Let me know what you think is better between a Scentbug or candle! I would also love to hear your suggestions for scents!! 🙂

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