6 Spring Fashion Necessities!!

Spring time is almost here so it is the perfect time to transition out of the winter trends! I am currently on Spring Break right now so I was daydreaming today about what to include on this post. I designed it to show you fashion pieces, beauty items, and accessories you will need and love for the Spring!

1) Block Dresses

(The ones pictured below are from Forever 21 and costs $13.50.)

Forever 21 $22.80

These are perfect for adding color to your outfits! Usually block dresses come with a two-inch thick strap which is flattering on almost every body shape! Mixing dark colors & brighter ones is easy w/ these dresses & a perfect way to transition out of winter! If you prefer patterns over colors, then you could try a dress like the one to the left! I love the soft colors on this one! Here is a pic of my friend & I w/ our block dresses!

 2) One Shoulder Dress

These just make me think of warmer weather! I love that these bright colors really stand out!  One-shoulder dresses are in this year and come in a variety of shades and patterns! If you are not into solid colored dresses, then you can try one like the picture shown to the right!

The ones shown above costs $19.80 and are from Forever 21.
The one to the right is from Charlotte Russe and costs $29.99.

3) Plaid Skirt

I know that plaid skirts remind some people of school uniforms but I am absolutely loving them! (Especially the ones shown above; They are from Aeropostale and the one on the left costs $30 and the one on the right is $25). I think these would look so nice with just a plain white tank top and a belt. Plaid skirts also look really casual for a lunch out, shopping day, or vacation!

4) Colorful/ Bright Bikini

When it comes time for your Spring Break or trip to the beach, you are going to want something cute to wear around. You can totally mix and match whatever prints and colors you want as well!

(Note: I think bandeau tops as shown in the picture to the left should really only be worn by people with a smaller bust area because they tend to make people with a bigger bust area look saggy.. if that is the right word. lol)

5) Sling/ Over-the-Shoulder Purses

I love these types of bags! They are really convenient and hard to loose since you don’t usually just set this down like you would with other types of purses. These would go perfectly with the block dresses and plaid skirts shown above! The sling purse shown to the right is from Dooney and Bourke. I own a similar Dooney and Bourke sling purse but it is in navy and tan and I get tons of compliments on it!

6) Sunglasses

With spring comes a lot of time in the sun! Protect your eyes with a cute pair of shades! The one to the left is featured in my Sunglasses Collection post.  The one on the right costs $5.80 and is from Forever 21. I love both of these styles!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your Spring Fashion Necessities are! Stay posted for my next post about Spring beauty necessities!

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