Asian Insider: Bubble Tea!!

I hope you are not disturbed by this picture. haha You may be wondering why there is black stuff at the bottom of this cup but I promise it is not mold or anything. This is a picture of bubble tea! The other day, I was walking through the Chinese Supermarket and saw the food counter that I always go to to get bubble tea! Bubble tea is both non-alcoholic and non-carbonated. It is an iced drink that is pretty sweet and is basically tea with a lot of milk in it! 🙂 The taste is very distinct and I LOVE it!!!! To mix up the texture a bit, at the bottom of each cup are giant black tapioca balls and this is why this drink is consumed with a giant straw! It comes in several other flavors but I have never really been in the mood to try one. haha (Let me know if there flavors that you recommend!) Bubble Tea is a drink that I will probably be having a lot of in college 🙂 lol

Here are some locations of places that I got great Bubble Tea from!

Great Wall Supermarket                              Chill Bubble Tea
2300 Pleasant Hill Rd                                     145 E Franklin St
Duluth, GA 30096                                           Chapel Hill, NC 27514

3 thoughts on “Asian Insider: Bubble Tea!!

  1. Love boba! They have places all over here that sells it, my favs have to be Milk or Thai Tea, the BF always likes to try news ones but I stick to my favorites.


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