Do It Yourself : Braided Sweetheart Dress!!

So now that my two hardest classes are finished, I decided it was times to get back to my arts and crafts. 🙂 Since I am heading off to college in the fall, I started thinking about how a lot of college girls wear very simple, cute dresses. Since I didn’t want to go spend a lot of money on one, I decided to make one! All I used was an old night gown and an old white t-shirt! I cut the sleeves off the night gown and braided the straps with strips of the old t-shirt. Since the neckline was too long, I just tied the front in a knot and it ended up making a sweetheart neckline! This dress also has a cross in the back. Overall, it took me 3 hours to make this dress but I think this piece will be perfect for summer!

The front and sweetheart neckline!
The back- crossed straps

I would love it if you guys could send me some pictures of designs that I should do! 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

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