E.L.F. Products First Impressions and Review

Here is my E.L.F. Haul First Impressions and Review! Sorry it seems like I’m posting tons of stuff with E.L.F. products on them but I guess its just been my excitement of the month! I got tons of stuff but only ended up spending $17! I will rate each product on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. I will try to keep things brief but let me know if you want a full review of anything!

Tools Shine Eraser- $1

2 Stars

This works okay but not amazingly well or anything. It actually does work over your makeup; it actually tends to take off my concealer which is frustrating.. I am planning to do a post comparing this to Clean and Clear’s Oil Absorbing Sheets!

Essentials False Lashes- $1
2 stars

Considering the fact that I don’t own tweezers, it is extremely hard to get these eyelashes to stay on. I’m still working on how to get these perfect because I bet you could really get an awake, almost cat-eye look with these! Oh, also one thing, everyone says that the glue they get with the eyelashes is always dry but mine actually wasn’t dry at all! However, it is pretty sticky.

Essentials Foundation Brush- $1

I can’t really give this a star rating because I haven’t used it yet.. I actually haven’t worn foundation for basically this entire month. However, I will say that this brush is very soft and feels like it would work well!

Essentials Eyelid Primer- $1

I have a friend who absolutely swears by this. She says she could go swimming with this on and her eyeshadow wouldn’t come off. I haven’t truly tested the lasting power of my eyeshadow with this on yet but I will say that it feels really oily! Also, this oxidizes a lot and actually leaves a champagne color on your lid so you have to be careful to not spread this everywhere because if you don’t cover it with your eyeshadow then you will have two different colors on your eyelid. lol

Essentials Brightening Eye Color in Drama- $1

5 stars 
You could do the perfect smokey eye look with this palette! The black is super black and stays on well! The dark silver is gorgeous though!!! There are different color glitter sparkles in it! The dark silver is the main reason that I’m keeping this palette! Also the light silver is great too because it is a pure light silver and has no tones of blue in it like my other silver shadows.. I find the blue tone in my other shadows to be really annoying so I’m glad this one doesn’t have it! There is also a little mirro
r on the bottom of the palette under the shadows!
Essentials Lipstick in Seductive- $1
5 stars

I really like this lipstick! It has a really good scent and the color is really nice and vibrant! Seductive is actually kind of a hot pink/ berry color. This lipstick is pretty matte which is good for a bright color. The stain power is good too and last a long time!This color is a little bold for me so that’s good because I need to branch out a little bit for lipsticks. lol

Essentials Hypershine Lip Gloss in Blossom- $1
5 stars
Ah I love this lip gloss!! It gives that perfect baby pink color but is not super sticky! The application is easy too and I don’t have to use a mirror to apply it. The only thing that I don’t like though is that you have to pump out a lot of gloss to get enough to cover your entire lips. It also does not last very long and I have to remind myself to reapply it every 30-60 minutes. But overall it smells good, looks pretty, and is a perfect everyday gloss for me!


Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shine in Malt Shake- $1

5 stars

I was surprised by this because it is very pigmented! It also last a long time because it is very sticky. It applies very smoothly though and looks really pretty on! I will say thought that his picture is from there website and doesn’t really reflect the real color of the lipgloss. The actual one is more of a brownish, red color but I think it is gorgeous! I will definitely be using it a lot in the winter! All of the Super Glossy Lip Shines are scented Grape Vanilla which is not bothersome to me.

Essentials Zit Zapper- $1

1 star
This does absolutely nothing. Sorry but it really didn’t help me with my breakouts at all. Save your dollar for something else!

Studio Complete Coverage Concealer Palette- $3

4 stars

This is probably my favorite thing in the entire haul! I really like this concealer because of the variety of colors! I tan really easily so my skin changes color all the time! This is totally a money saver because I don’t have to go out and buy like 2 different concealers. They are very creamy but go on very smoothly. Their stain power is average but I do have to reapply this sometimes during the day. I feel like this palette works better when its been dried out a bit.. I left mine in my car on accident while the sun was out and at first it melted a bit but when it dried up I felt like it worked a bit better. I wish I had realized that a concealer brush came with it though. The little brush is perfect for covering up blemishes because it is very dense.. but it is very tiny.  Oh, also I don’t recommend this palette for covering up under eye circles because it will cause your eyeliner on your bottom water line to smear (which I hate!) The packaging of the palette though is amazing and so smooth/sleek! I love holding it and it is actually fairly large!

Studio Concealer Brush- $3
4 stars

The Studio Concealer Brush though works very well for under eye circles and anywhere on the face. It is pretty dense but I just wish it was a little more flexible. It is very soft though so that’s a plus. 🙂

Studio Blush in Candid Coral- $3
2 Stars

This hardly shows any color on my skin at all! It makes me really sad because it looks like a gorgeous color but is just too light for my skin! I think this would work really well with people that have fair skin but I am super tan/ dark. However, this does have a lovely iridescent gold shimmer to it so I think I will place this over my NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Pink Flash which is pictured to the right. The creme stick is really intense so this e.l.f. blush will really help to tone it down. I think this
                                                                will make a perfect look for summer!

So again, if you want a full review/ swatches of any of the products let me know! 🙂 Also, if you haven’t already, enter my Rue 21 Coupon and LA Eyeshadow Palette giveaway! The rules are in my previous post! Have a great weekend!

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