NULL: Coupon for $5 off Physicians Formula’s Products!


So I heard from another blogger about this great coupon and went out today and got two amazing products from Physicians Formula! The brand has such high quality products that I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. The coupon works at any store which sells Physicians Formula. For me, that was my CVS. Now on certain products, if you use a CVS card then you get $6 off. That plus the coupon allows you to get $11 off one product!! How sick is that! Here is the link to the coupon: It expires 6/15/2011.

Here are the two things that I got!

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow for Hazel Eyes

Retail Price: $11.95
What I paid: $7.95
Thoughts: The packaging of this product is amazing!! That is the first thing I noticed; that the packaging is super sturdy and thick enough to not break for a long time! The individual eyeshadows are all pretty frosty/ shimmery but this palette will create a great natural look! My favorite eyeshadows are the #4 and #8 color! I’m excited to use this in a lot of upcoming days! It will be perfect for traveling as I will be going to China in 11 days!!

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner (Glam Collection) for Blue Eyes
Retail Price: $10.95
Price I Paid: $5.95
Thoughts: These are absolutely gorgeous! They all have shimmer in them! The shimmer in the black one doesn’t really show up but it does in the other colors! These eyeliners are completely smudge proof! The three containers pop off and you can just throw one in your purse! These would also be good for cream eyeshadows because they will stay on all day! I like putting the silver liner on my inner eye area to light up my eyes. I really wanted the blue liner because it is one my college’s colors!

I hope you enjoy the coupon and let me know what products I should try from Physicians Formula because I will probably be going back tomorrow to get more stuff! 🙂 lol

2 thoughts on “NULL: Coupon for $5 off Physicians Formula’s Products!

  1. Edwina says:

    I was so excited when I saw this post cause I've actually been searching for a physician's formula coupon for a while cause I wanna get some e/s palettes! They look perfect for traveling! BUT too bad I live in Canada and this coupon doesn't work for me 😦 booooooo Hopefully I'll find one that works soon (cause I'm too cheap to buy the full size) haha


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