HELP: Planning a MAC purchase!

So I have saved the money that I worked for this month and I am planning to make a MAC purchase this week! Here are a few items that I am thinking about buying. As of right now though, I am not looking for a foundation, powder, concealer, dark brown eyeshadow, or nail polish so keep that in mind! Let me know if you recommend something else or have tried one of the products I mention! Also keep in mind that I have really tan skin so I will need products that will show up so for example, a light colored blush will not work on me at all. (For a reference, I am the shade Toast 370 for Revlon Colorstay Foundation.) I need to hear opinions and suggestions right now! lol I will definitely do a haul post once I get all the stuff! 🙂

I am going to include some questions by each product. Please answer them if you can! That would be great help!

Fix +
Does this make your face look oily? Would this be make me look greasy since I already have oily skin? Also, does it work with setting your makeup?

Paint Pot- Bare Study

Would this be good for my skin tone? Or would it come off white-ish? I would like a paint pot that is a beigey/ champagney color but is still pigmented.

Eyeshadows (I only want to buy 2 maximum): Honey Lust, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Retrospeck
$14.50 each


Which one of these eyeshadow is the perfect everyday neutral color? I want one that is not white but instead beigey/ champagney (not gold) that will look good all over the lid. Let me know if any of these are a gold because then I will cross it off. Or do you have a different eyeshadow that you recommend?

Mineralized Eyeshadow- This & That

I’m not really sure if I want this. I was just thinking that maybe the light color is good for all over the lid and the darker color is good for the crease. Idk.. let me know if you’ve tried it! I do however, love their other Mineralized Eyeshadow in Mayhem so I know this product will be really good quality!

Mineralized Blush/ Quite Cute Blush in Giggly/ Creamblend Blush
On left: $22/ Center: $23/ On right: $19.50

I have heard that Ladyblush is a great color for the Creamblend Blush but do you think it would show up on my skin? Also, is the Giggly blush pink or is it basically purple? What is your favorite mineralized blush color?

Amplified Creme Lipstick in Up the Amp

My mom is looking for a good purple lipstick! Is this one purple or more of a berry color?

I really appreciate the help! I can’t wait to make my first real purchase from them! I am finally buying stuff from MAC because I feel much better about purchasing high-end makeup when I am using my own money. Anyways, have a lovely week! I graduate on Sunday!! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “HELP: Planning a MAC purchase!

  1. carbu1237 says:

    For the eyeshadow, i would reccomend Wedge in the crease. its a nice taupe color that really gives eyes deffinition without looking too “makeuppy” if that makes sense
    but, thats for me. i have fair skin and blue eyes. the best thing for picking out eyeshadow would probably be driving out to a counter and asking to try them on


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