REVIEW: Couture Couture Sugar Scrub by Juicy Couture!!

This is the Couture Couture Sugar Scrub by Juicy Couture! It retails for $45 but I got it from TJ Maxx today for $9.99!!!! Talk about a steal! lol I was blown away because that means that I got it for 78% off! Here are some things that I want to mention about it! 🙂

  • First off, look at the packaging!!!!!! How gorgeous?!! This looks amazing in my bathroom! I am so saving the packaging when I finish the product and storing jewelry in it or something! lol
  • I would basically describe this scent as the generic “perfume-y” type of smell. It is pretty strong though. My friend got really close to it and took a big whiff and she was like “Whoa! It’s strong!” lol
  • This is literally sugar in a thick solution. It does exfoliate very well and sticks to your skin really well when you are rubbing it against your skin! Idk about you girls but I’m always scared that if I buy a body scrub that it will just go with the running water off my skin before I actually get to exfoliate. This does a pretty good job of not doing that.
  • This expires in two years but I’m basically 100% positive that I will finish it within a year! lol It is amazing. I will probably try to use it like every 3 days or something since you want to give your skin a chance to recover in between exfoliating days.
  • This makes your skin feel very smooth and silky when you’re in the shower. However, when I got out of the shower and the water on my skin dried, my skin did feel a little sticky. But about 30 minutes later, it felt super nice and smooth!
Overall, I LOVE this sugar scrub! Would I buy it for the full retail price of $45? Probably not just because of my mentality. But for $10, definitely!!

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