REVIEW: RUE21 Pink Ice Perfume

I do not actually own this perfume but I went to Rue21 two days in a row earlier this month and smelled it both times I went there! The lady at the checkout told me that Pink Ice is their best selling perfume. Here are some facts and thoughts about it.

  • The only bottle it comes in, which is a 1.7 oz bottle, retails for only $9.99!
  • The initial smell of this is really fruity and “sparkly”. A very bright, sort of pomegranate-y scent.
  • The major problem with this perfume is that after it sets for about 5 minutes, it no joke smells like urine. I don’t know if this is just how it reacts to my skin or if this happens to everyone, but there is no way I could wear this perfume.
So overall, I think you can obviously assume that I do not recommend this scent. If it didn’t have an after smell of urine then it would be absolutely amazing because of its initial smell! It’s a shame that this perfume is no good because the price is really good!

Let me know if you had a similar experience with this perfume or recommend any of Rue21’s other scents!

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: RUE21 Pink Ice Perfume

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfume reacts differently with different people's body chemistry- Pink Ice probably doesn't work with yours (like Victoria's Secret Love Spell doesn't work with mine)! 😦


  2. Perfume coupons says:

    I think you should definitely stay far from that perfume. The fact that you've checked it twice means you want to be certain that it really reacts that way on you. I think it seems to have something in there that is reacting with your own skin to produce that smell. Maybe it will produce the same result wit a fair portion of the population as well.


  3. top colognes for men says:

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  4. sarah says:

    This was my go to daily scent in college. I never had any reaction to it. That being said, different skins react to different scents differently. For example Brittney Spear’s circus smells rancid on my skin after a few minutes, but smells lovely on my sister.


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