Clear Skin When You Travel! + Dermatologist Recommendation!

Okay so when I went to China last month, my skin was not very happy. lol I was getting a few breakouts in the beginning of the month and had to go randomly buy an acne cleanser. I ended up getting the Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Cleanser. I’m not sure if that is available in the US but it was packaged similarly to the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Cleanser. Anyways that product worked wonders for me; cleared my skin and made my pores smaller. But the only bad side of it is that I felt like if I didn’t use it consistently then my skin act up again. The product is a little different than other cleansers though; it is more like a gel rather than like a thick cream consistency. It was overall a good product that I would recommend.

When I was in China I was able to talk to a dermatologist and I asked her some questions about controlling acne and her recommendations. Now my skin is not full of breakouts and redness, it is just oily and I occasionally get zits. She suggested to me that in order to prevent acne, it’s important to avoid oily and sugary foods. She also said that eating fruits are good for your skin. Lastly, I asked her what brand she would recommend as the best for fighting breakouts and she said Neutrogena! I guess there slogan of “#1 Dermatologist Recommended” really is true.

Here are two of my favorite products from Neutrogena! These can all be purchased at any drugstore!


Clear Pore Cleanser/ Mask– $5.99– This product is awesome! You can either put it on your face and wash it off immediately like a cleanser or let it sit on your face for a while as a mask! I haven’t used this product for a while but I’m planning on repurchasing it soon!


Deep Clean Cream Cleanser– $4.79– This stuff is also awesome. I think it is the one that Hayden Panettiere is using in one of the Neutrogena commercials. Mm not sure.. Anyways this cleanser is cooling when you put it on your face and I feel like my skin is a lot tighter and my pores are a lot smaller after I use this.

Anyways, I want to know what your favorite skin care or Neutrogena products are! Also, if you have any tips for clear skin I would love to hear them!

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