REVIEW: Nair Hair Removing Lotion with Cocoa Butter

I got this a while ago as an alternative to shaving. I will tell you how I personally apply this and what I think of it.

How I apply it (this is all before I take a shower):
1. I put a generous amount of this Nair product on my legs because you are not supposed to rub this in. You just let a layer of the lotion sit on your leg. I let it sit for about 3-5 minutes. If you don’t give the lotion enough time, it won’t remove any hair.

2. After 3-5 minutes, use paper towels to wipe the product off your leg. I’ve seen videos where people rinse off the lotion with a shower head but that doesn’t work because the lotion doesn’t fully come off. You have to wipe it off before you jump in the shower.

3. THIS PRODUCT SMELLS REALLY BAD. I MEAN REALLY BAD. To keep it from stinking up my bathroom, after I wipe the lotion off my legs, I throw the paper towels into a Ziploc bag.

4. Then I take a shower. Lol

Thoughts on this product:

This product definitely does work. After I rinse everything off in the shower, my legs feel super smooth. However, I don’t think I’m going to repurchase this because of the smell. The application and use of this product is also messy. If you are going to live in a dorm or in close proximities to other people, I do not recommend buying/ using this product. Lol.

I am working really hard on some future posts that I hope you all will like. I know my past posts have been a lot of words and not many pictures, but I’m planning to change and work on that!
❤ Emily

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