Favorite Drugstore Line: Revlon Colorstay!!

In my opinion, Revlon is the brand that is the highest quality in drugstores. My mom loves it and so do I! Their Colorstay line though is by far the best thing I have ever tried from a drugstore! Here are some products that I love from the line!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation– HOLY GRAIL, HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT!! I sweat really easily and this doesn’t come off at all. When you wipe your hand or sleeve across your face this doesn’t leave a single mark! I have worn this when I run and play tennis and it really does not budge. I love it! It is definitely worth the $12-13 dollars!

Under Eye Concealer SPF 15– I think this has the same formula as the foundation. It dries pretty quickly and doesn’t sink into fine lines.

Eyeliner– For the longest time, this was my favorite eyeliner because it was the most waterproof one I could find. Recently it hasn’t worked as well for me (it started smudging) but the black color is really dark so I love that. I have been using it everyday to tight line my upper water line. If you don’t have oily skin, this will work really well for you.

 One product that I don’t recommend:

Overtime Lipcolor– Alright so.. I tried this product and it is extremely flakey.. The color is really nice and pigmented but when you apply a second layer of this, it starts getting peely and uncomfortable. Like after wearing it for 10 mins, I had to completely wipe it off. The gloss on the other end though is really nice and comes with a brush applicator. The color side comes with a doe foot applicator.

Let me know what your favorite drugstore line or Revlon product is!

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