REVIEW: Proactiv Solutions Acne Treatments!!

Hey everyone! So I want to review Proactiv Solutions because having clear skin is an instant confidence booster. I just started college and you can definitely say that my skin has been acting up from stress and anxiety in the first week. Honestly, I love the Proactiv system. I use it when I need immediate relief from my acne and when my acne gets really bad. There are two systems that I want to talk about: the 3-step system and the 5-step system. The 3-step one cost $19.95 and the 5-step one cost $29.95; so both are affordable prices for an acne treatment. I wanted to share my thoughts on this product because this is heavily advertised on TV and you can’t always trust what you see. I will review all the items and let you know if I like the 3 step process or 5 step process better!

My type of acne: Small pimples and some zits but no red breakouts or blackheads
My skin type: Oily

Products in 3-Step System:

1) Renewing Cleanser- This cleanser is an exfoliant and has tiny beads in it that get the dead skin off your face. It is abrasive though, I will warn you. (By the way, all the products in the Proactiv line all smell like chemicals..)

2) Revitalizing Toner- I’m not actually sure what this does.. lol Maybe even out your skin tone? Well I either apply this with my hand or with a cosmetic sponge. It will sting if you have a open cut or if you had just popped a zit. But that just means that it is really strong and effective.

3) Repairing Lotion- Omg this stuff makes your face feel so smooth!! It is unbelievable how smooth your face will feel even if you look in the mirror and have a lot of pimples. A little goes a long way with this and I always applied too much and that’s why I’m out of this right now. lol But you only need a tiny bit to cover your whole face.

Extra Products (included in the 5-Step System):
  • Daily Oily Control- I’m not sure if this actually does anything either.. It may be something that you have to use continually over time to see an effect but I’m not so convinced that this is worth the money. This stuff really burned too when I first started using Proactiv; right now it doesn’t bother me at all though.
  • Oil Free Moisturizer- This product doesn’t really stand out to me but it is a nice moisturizer. You have to rub it in really well because it does have a bit of a white color to it.


Overall, I would say to just get the 3-Step System. The two products in the 5-step system (Daily Oil Control and Oil Free Moisturizer) are not so special that I would want to spend 10 extra dollars on them. Keep in mind that the all the products work together so you couldn’t just buy the repairing lotion on its own and expect to it to work at full performance as it would if you bought the cleanser and toner as well. My brother also tried Proactiv and it did make his skin a lot better since he had a lot of acne. Also, keep in mind that if your skin is super sensitive, I would not recommend Proactiv because it can be a very abrasive and strong treatment. I personally do not have sensitive skin so I love Proactiv!

Let me know if you have tried Proactiv and whether or not it worked for you!

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