Nail Design: Golden Drops of Sunshine

This is a fast easy nail look that is perfect for a party or a football game day! I have gotten tons of compliments on my nails since I did them! Trust me, people will be impressed when you tell them you did them yourself! Everyone was asking me how I did mine! 🙂

Here are the three items I used to achieve this look!

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Wet N’ Wild Wild Shine in Blue Moon- $1
Sephora Nail Bling in Gold Bubbles- $7

I really like the stickers from Sephora but they don’t seem very long-lasting. I applied them on Thursday night and I’m missing about 6 rhinestones on my pointer finger already and one or two on two other fingers. I think they’ll probably last around 6-7 days so I think they’re worth the price (especially because you get more than 10 stickers!). Keep in mind that you do have to cut the stickers into the shape of your nail first though. Fortunately, I never had to cut vertically, it was always horizontal to adjust the length of the stickers so it was fairly easy to do. I’m sorry that I can’t compare these stickers to the ones by Sally Hansen because I haven’t tried those yet. I love that there is a lot of variety though! You all can check out the different designs here.

Tip: They give you 18 stickers in each package so for the first use, you can apply 10 stickers onto your nails. After that, save the last 8 so you can use them to decorate your ring fingers 4 separate times!

Let me know what you think!

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