REVIEW: Urban Decay Vegan Palette

I ordered my Urban Decay Vegan Palette in September & have been consistently using it since & love it! I’ll list the pros & cons of the product & also show you pictures of what it looked like on my eyes. 🙂 Right now you can get this palette for $13 on the sale section of It’s a great deal!

Colors include:

Top Row: Minx, URB, and Gunmetal
Bottom Row: Twice Baked, Smog, Half Baked

  • Super blendable colors!
  • Smooth texture and doesn’t look chalky
  • Really pigmented!
  • Nice range of colors that are different from each other.
  • Bottom three colors have an ideal shimmer to them.
  • Half-baked is the perfect neutral beige lid color for people with really tan skin!
  • Packaging is gorgeous and is super convenient for traveling!
  • Top three shades have a good bit of glitter to them
  • Shadows need a primer underneath in order to last a long time

As you can see, I have very few complaints about this palette! I love it and use it frequently!
Here are three pictures with me wearing the eyeshadows half baked on the lid and smog in the crease. This is my favorite combination and they were the main reason I bought this palette! They are also the only two colors included from the Naked Palette, Urban Decay’s best-selling palette, in this set!

This palette also comes with a 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner in Zero (Black). The liner is the smoothest pencil eyeliner that I have ever used. It is one that needs to be sharpened though. This eyeliner is not my favorite because it smears. It does stay for a while on my lash line but I just can’t stand the smudging that occurs within the first hour. I use this liner mainly for when I want to tight line my eyes.

A mini Primer Potion in the color Sin is also included. Sin is a gorgeous light pink/champagne color and I sometime like to wear it as an eyeshadow alone. I’m not going to go into detail about the quality of the primer potion because my next post is going to be a comparison between Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and MAC’s Paint Pots. 🙂

I highly recommend that you all buy this palette! It is such a deal to get this set for only $13! Go order it right now!!

Before you order: Make sure you subscribe to because you will get an e-mail that gives you a promo code to receive 15% off your first order!!

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