Mini LUSH Haul!

So one of the perks of going to school in a different city than where you’re from is that you can go to stores that your hometown doesn’t haveA My mall at home doesn’t have LUSH but the mall close to my school does. So expectedly, I freak out pretty much every time I go to LUSH here. Haha I was also really excited yesterday because I remembered that some of their holiday items had come out! Here is what all I got! 🙂

Secret Santa- $9.95

This set includes a 2.5 oz Snowcake Soap and a 3.1 oz Li’l LUSH Pud Bath Bomb. The Snowcake Soap is described as “smells like delicious almond icing off of your Christmas cake: feels like almond mousse on your skin. The Bath Bomb is described as “looking like a pudding, smells like a pudding, fizzes like a spicy Bath Bomb.” These are all full sized products and smell super good! 🙂 This would be the perfect, inexpensive gift for anyone!

Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb- $5.95
On the site the description said this has a “zippy scent of mandarin oil and inspires merriment in the midst of dark, winter months.” To me it smells like the candy Smarties but I’m excited to use it!

Check out the video below to see how a bath bomb works!

Let me know what LUSH products I should try!

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