REVIEW: HANA Titanium 1.5″ Flat Iron (Includes Before & After Pics!)

A company called Misikko recently reached out to me to ask if I wanted to review one of their products. As a beauty blogger, I happily agreed! Misikko is a company that specializes in salon grade Flat Irons and Hair Dryers. They sell a variety of brands including CHI, Ed Hardy, GHD, Hot Tools, Paul Mitchell, and Moroccan Oil just to name a few. The product that I was asked to review is by the brand HANA and is their Titanium 1.5″ Flat Iron. You can get this on for $174.99!

Here is a picture of me receiving the lovely package! As you can see it was fairly large! The package came in very a reasonable, quick time; it arrived in 4 days!

Misikko is such a generous company and included 2 bags/ cases for the straightener, a tin case containing the straightener, a heating mat, a fake rose, a brush, a sleeping mask, a heart box of scented fake roses, and makeup from LA Colors and e.l.f. Cosmetics. To say at the least, I was ecstatic to receive my box of goodies. 🙂

And here is a picture of the actual straightener.


Here are some more awesome features of the HANA Titanium 1.5″ Flat Iron!
  • Several heat options: Temperature ranges from 140 F to 450 F
  • Pure Titanium Plates
  • 100% Ceramic Heaters which protect and condition your hair
  • PTFC core heater heats up in as fast as 6 seconds
  • Mirror surface prevents scratches unlike other black coated titanium plates (I love this feature! It is so unique!)
  • Long cord which is convenient regardless of your location
  • 2 year warranty

I naturally have very straight hair but found that the flat iron improves certain aspects of my hair! Even if your hair is straight like mine, it’s still nice to own a flat iron because it can put down your fly-aways or keep your the ends of your hair from flipping in different directions. Any who, I wanted to demonstrate the ability of this straightener by using it on my friend Briana who has naturally wavy and very thick hair. Here are some awesome before and after pictures!

As you can see, this straightener works really well! Another perk I see from this straightener is that it makes your hair a little bit shinier! This can be seen in the pictures below when I used the flash on my camera.

Some people think that a 1.5″ iron would take a long time to straighten thick hair but I found when straightening Briana’s hair that it worked perfectly fine because I was sectioning off layers at a time.

Conclusion: Overall, I am so glad that I own this straightener! It is very easy to use and can do everything from straightening your hair to curling it! I find that it heats up and cools down very quickly and meets all my hair styling needs! I definitely recommend buying this straightener!

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Thank you to Misikko for giving me the opportunity to review this product!

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