Sparkly New Years Outfit Ideas from EXPRESS! + 1 Nail Design!

I think I speak for everyone when I say the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of New Years clothes is the sparkle! I love all the glitter & sequins that everyone incorporates into their outfits! For me, when I think of the best sequined clothes I think of the store EXPRESS. When I walk past that store, I can’t help but stop and window shop at all their shiny clothes! Lol. I know I’m publishing this blog post a little late since New Year’s Eve is tomorrow.. but if you don’t have time to run out and buy some clothes from EXPRESS then I hope that this inspires you if you need ideas for what to wear! I have made two sets of clothing items from their store so that everyone can find something for their style: Sexy & Daring or Shiny & Classy. (Just a warning, the pieces are pretty pricey.)

Sexy & Daring

1) Strapless Rouched Sequin Dress– $128.00- This skin colored sequined dress is bound to grab plenty of guys’ attention! The cut of the dress will also tightly hug your curves!
2) Sequin Inset Diagonal Mini Skirt– $59.90- This piece is a great tight mini skirt that can be paired with almost anything!
3) Surplice Top Sequin Dress– $76.80- A low cut dress is another great attention grabbing piece!

Pumps are the more daring way to go when dressing up for New Year’s! The shoe on the left is called the Glitter Peep-Toe Platform Heels and costs $118; The shoe on the right is called the Glitter Cut-Out Peep-Toe Heels and costs $39.99.

Shiny & Classy

These are all styles that I thought were more high cut but are still sophisticated, fun pieces. This is personally the type of clothes that I would wear to a party!

1) Sequin Dress– $76.80- This is my absolute favorite dress on their website! I love the color gradient going from gold to bronzy gold!
2) Sequin- Front Shirtail Tank– $39.90
3) Three Tiered Sequin Mini Skirt– $39.95- Talk about a flirty piece!
4) Sequin- Front Tank– $29.90- (Comes in 5 different colors!)
5) Sequin-Chevron Stripe Tank– $49.90
6) Sequin Shorts– $45

Here are two shoes I picked for this category! Wedges are the more suttle version of  a high heel but are nonetheless very classy. If you are more of a flats person then a peep-toe shoe is perfect! The shoe on the left is called Glitter Pointed-Toe Wedges costs $29.99 and the shoe on the right is called Glitter Open-Toe Midi-Wedge Flats $49.90.

Here is also a classy gold purse that I feel would go well with any New Year’s outfit!

Nail Design Idea
Alright, so that is all for the clothes portion of this post. Lastly, I just wanted to mention an idea for how to do your nails! Sure you could do the usual glitter nails but I love when people do a color gradient design with glitter! This is how I am going to do my nails! 🙂 Here are some examples:

I was trying to figure out for a long time what the best way to get this look was. Last night I found a Youtube video where a lady uses a cosmetic sponge to achieve this design! (Genius! Lol She did the nails in the first picture.) Here is the link:

I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year’s celebration! 🙂

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