Online Shopping Tip #1: Subscribe!!

Hey everyone! Recently I have been doing a lot of online shopping and I thought it would be beneficial if I showed you some of my tips for saving money and getting the most out of my purchases. This is going to be a new series that I am hoping to start! So now I’m going to talk about my first tip!

Tip #1: Subscribe to the website and/ or company!

Any time someone ever tells me they are ordering from a website, I always tell them to click the subscribe link! It is super easy! Check out the example below.


This will give you e-mails with codes or updates on the store’s new arrivals! The codes can range from anything from free shipping, to a % off your total price, or even a free gift with your purchase! Here are examples of e-mails I have gotten offering special deals!


Companies that I know offer codes like these are Urban Decay, Wet Seal, MAC Cosmetics, and Freeman Beauty.

NOTE: Some of these offers are only for the first time you subscribe; as in, you don’t always get offers every month or at a specific interval. So I suppose that you could always unsubscribe from the company and then subscribe before you want to purchase something so that you can get a new valid code for a discount!

Anyways, I hope this was helpful and that you can use these tips to save you money! Happy online shopping!!

One thought on “Online Shopping Tip #1: Subscribe!!

  1. John Ryan says:

    I am very much habituated to online shopping these days at Amazon. These tips re really cool. Thanks for the post. I want to suggest you one more thing, i go fro online shopping with Amazon coupon codes. Those helps me to get discounts on the purchases i done. Those are also simply superb.

    John Ryan


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