Help me choose a swim suit!!

Hey! Which one of these combos do you guys like the best?! (You can answer by saying #1,2, or 3.) I’m trying to decide what swimsuits to buy! Lol Your comment would be much appreciated! (Keep in mind that I am very tan and have black hair.)

OR tell me a website where you usually like to buy swim suits!

Thanks! ❤

4 thoughts on “Help me choose a swim suit!!

  1. carbu127 says:

    #3 is an adorable color and it'd look best on you in my opinion, but it doesn't have straps. If you'll be jumping in the pool anytime soon, I'd go with the first one


  2. Amber says:

    I love #3 as well! My favorite place to find swimming suits is Victoria's Secret and at the end of the season,they have amazing deals and sales!
    <3 Amber


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