Spring Break Outfit of the Days!! + Friendship Spiel

Hey everyone! I hope all is well. I could not be better b/c iiiii just got back from a trip to the beach with my best friends! We just really needed a real break & also went because it was friends birthday last Friday & mine was yesterday. I was initially going to do a haul of new clothes for the trip but I decided outfit of the days would be cuter. 🙂 But really that way you can at least see what the clothes look like on. I will also do a spiel at the end of this post about a few things so don’t forget to read that. 😉 [If you like something one of my friends are wearing, tell me & I’ll ask them where it’s from for you!]

Wore this outfit to dinner! (Purse is from Kim Rogers.)

Wore this to dinner, when chilling around the hotel, and on the beach at night.

Probably my favorite shirt I brought to the trip. I wore this to dinner and for the rest of the night when we were hanging out. There was a lot of hugging going around so the lace sleeves added a pretty effect in pictures. Lol It is also a shirt that gets shorter on the sides so it was a very loose, comfortable shirt that I did not get hot/sweaty in at all when we were dancing.

Wore this after dinner when chilling with the friends at night. I loveeee stripes and I like that this shirt had a lot of color in it.

Wore this to dinner one night. In the second picture you can see that it was open back which I really liked (especially since my back was sunburned haha). My guy friend actually complimented me on this dress so that was nice.

I wore this black fringe poncho at night when we went to a club. I know it looks really strange on the hanger but I liked the way it looked on. I also really liked the fish scale detail.
Now that you have seen all my outfits, let me know what you think, suggestions on how they could’ve looked better, or if you would like to see OOTD’s with my swim suits!
Alright so here is the friendship spiel:

I have learned time and time again that once you eliminate as best you can the negative people in your life, you will be so much happier. That’s the state that I feel like I am in right now. I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends. Growing up and changing schools five times I have felt left out plenty of times. In grade school, there were many times that I would study by myself during lunch instead of being around other people or be made fun of where people were laughing at me. Don’t think that I’m strange or introverted or anything because I’m definitely not. I’m just different like everyone else and some people aren’t open to meeting new people. My group of friends now though are some of the most accepting, nonjudgemental people I have ever met. We have so much fun together and I can comfortably be myself with them. The trip we went on definitely made me love them even more. I would do anything for my friends and would be heart broken if anything bad were to happen to them. I guess the point of me telling you all of this is that in order to be happy, you need to surround yourself with good people  that accept you for who you are.  

“Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.”
– Elbert Hubard

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