Trend to Try: Sleek Ponytails

A common trend that I have been in love with for the last few months is a sleek ponytail. As an athletic girl, I used to only think that ponytails were for sportswear but now I see how much they can add to an outfit. Nowadays, whenever I see an outfit that I would love to wear but is a little out of my comfort zone, I always think “Gosh this would be so cute with a high ponytail.” And so, I wanted to tell you all that this is definitely a trend worth trying.

I would suggest this trend for those of you who have long hair. If you have short hair, I think it would only work for you if you have thin hair which falls nicely at least past your neck. I think a sleek ponytail is so versatile and perfect for a professional, casual, or dressed-up look. Here are some photos to inspire you too and ways to change up your ponytail. 🙂

Try this style on a second hair day (after not washing your hair for a day)! This is a tip from a lady I used to work for. This works because the natural oils in your hair will keep you from having a ton of flyaways and make it easier for you to comb back your hair. This will also prevent you from putting unnecessary hair products into your hair as this can cause buildup.

Ways to change up your ponytail:

1. Wrap-around: 

A common technique when hair has been tied up is to take a medium sized strand and wrap it around the pony tail holder. This adds a point of interest to a rather simple hairstyle. This can also be done with braided strands of hair (as shown in the last photo).

2. Braid in the front:

This is a great accent to your ponytail because it brings a lot of attention to your hair! Little details like a braid are subtle but still chic!

 3. Boho headband:

My inspiration for this last idea was actually from watching Meganheartsmakeup’s Youtube video on Spring Hairstyles ( These types of headbands, especially if you get a white one, can add a bohemian touch to any look! I think they are perfect for Spring and Summer and just remind me of warm weather!

Let me know what you think of this trend! I hope you found this helpful! ❤ ❤

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