Recap- My Favorite Summer 2012 Trends!

I hope everyone has been shopping a good bit this summer because I have been LOVING the trends this season. The style of this post is going to be a countdown to my favorite trend of the summer! This is the year that I have paid attention to trends more than ever and so many of them have caught my eye! I’m definitely going to be trying a lot of them and you should too! These are of course not all the trends for this season but instead just my favorite ones! 🙂 Here they are!

4.) Lace shorts
I find this to be a really interesting trend. It’s really girly and is an attention-grabbing piece! In my opinion, the cream color looks best
If you think that lace shorts in a light color are going to be unflattering then try them in black! They look super cute too!
To bring these black shorts in to the fall and winter months, you could add tights underneath!

3.) Neon/ Color-blocking

No one knows how to color block with neons as well as Sarahbelle93x from Youtube. I personally love her preppy style and how bright her outfits are.

My personal favorite neons are pink, yellow, coral. I don’t really pull off the blues and greens very well but thats ok! Alot of people have been incorporating this trend into their outfits by wearing colored jeans and bright jewelry.

2.) Dip-Dyed Hair

If I had lighter hair, I would totally take advantage of this trend. Having black hair, I feel like there is never really a reason to dye it. But Lauren Conrad (in the first pic) has followed this trend and so has Meganheartsmakeup from Youtube (in the second pic). I think it’s the perfect look that’s just bold enough for summer!


1.) High-low

I think this trend is absolutely gorgeous. It is perfect for anyone who wants to be adventurous but who is a little bit intimidated by maxi dresses. You can go long or short with this trend and will look perfect regardless. During my time in Europe I saw this style of skirt/ dress literally everywhere: stores all across Europe. I saw one girl walking in one of the parking lots and her skirt was  blowing in the wind and I was just thinking “Omg I must get one those dresses.” I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one but will show you when I find it. 🙂 This is perfect for casual or fancy wear too!


The trends from this year are definitely my favorite trends of any year. Alot of these trends can be incorporated into your fall style as well. Leave in the comments what your favorite trends were for this summer!

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