Black Friday Haul!

Hey everyone! 
I just wanted to quickly share what I got at Steinmart on Black Friday! This store is normally not my first choice to shop but I was happily surprised by the deals & cute clothes I found! Here’s what I got:

Here’s a closer look at the second shirt. I know it looks strange in a picture but when actually on the body, the shape and detail are great!

Left: This shirt’s got great detail and personality to it. The shirt itself is also a mix of a red and white color and can be see when looking closely at the fabric.
Right: So excited to have found this sequined top because I think it will look great layered under a blazer! Screams Friday night and New Years to me!

These shirts are very spring time but I loved the detail and colors!

Casual blue dress to dress up or down.
So as you all can see,  all of these are pretty much for warmer weather but I’m really excited to use them as layering pieces in the winter! I hope you all are having a great November and I will talk to you soon! 
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