5 Easy Tips to Long, Healthy Hair!

My hair is something that I have been complimented on time and time again so I wanted to give some tips on how to achieve long and luscious hair! The key to having long hair or making your hair grow quickly is keeping your hair healthy! My haircare process helped me get my hair to the length I desired in a short amount of time. So here it is! 🙂

My haircare process:
1. When picking products, don’t use a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner. You need to have separate shampoo and conditioners because timing and amount is essential in this process.
2. Shower time
– I apply the shampoo to my hair & once I’ve massaged it in, I apply a generous amount of conditioner about 2 in. from my scalp to my hair (about a ball w/ an inch diameter size) & use what’s left on my hands on my ends.
– Shampoo cleanses your hair while conditioner renews & moisturizes so it’s very important!
– I don’t wash off the conditioner immediately, I let it soak in & keep it in my hair for about 3-4 minutes (wash your body in the meantime!).
3. Conditioner is the star of the show so after you’ve gotten out of the shower, towel dry your hair so it’s still damp and apply a leave-in conditioner. A thick hair mask is also great to use!
4. Twice a week, after step 3, use a shower cap over your hair for 10 minutes to really lock in the moisture. This secret makes the biggest difference!
5. Avoid damaging your hair
– When you get out of the shower, don’t comb your hair with a brush- this will give you split ends and damage your hair. Use a wide tooth combed instead!
–  Reduce the amount of heat do on your hair (unless you really have to). Heat causes a lot of damage so make sure to always use a heat protectant!

So there you go! 5 tips to get long, healthy hair like mine! Happy conditioning! 🙂

 – Emily

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