2013 Beauty Resolution: Look 3 (Ellie Goulding Concert!!)

Last Friday, my best friend Katie and I went to see Ellie Goulding in concert!! It was such a fun night and she is such a good singer live!! She is incredibly talented and not only sang but also played guitar and drums! I would definitely go see her again!

Alright so for my look, I put black eyeshadow all over my lid and an amber/ gold eyeshadow on the main part of the lid and then a layer of glitter over it! My friend also helped me apply some glitter to the side of my face for some added glam! I wish the makeup captured better in the photos but oh well.

Top Right picture): The earrings I wore were purchased from Nordstrom but are from Topshop! I love them so much!
Bottom Left): Just a pic of me and my friend Max hanging out before the concert!
Bottom Right): Here’s a pic of Katie and I’s full outfits! (Her pink fish scale skirt is actually mine. Lol) But we definitely wanted to go for sparkles so we each sported our fair share of sequins!

My top 3 Ellie Goulding song recommendations: “My Blood”, “Anything Can Happen”, and “Only You”! Let me know what you think of those and of our outfits! 🙂


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