REVIEW: Stila Sun Bronzing Powder

The Stila Bronzer is a product that I’ve had for 5 months now. Before I begin the review, take into account that I have a yellow tone to my face and medium skin color. I bought the product in Shade 2. Here are four overviewing points about this product:

  1. Natural: One of the first things I notice is that this gives a really natural tan! I think it is the perfect product to give you that desired bronzed “glow” that everyone wants. It is the perfect mix of brown with bronze without looking muddy.
  2. Contour: This is not the best cheek and nose contour because of the slight orange in it. I think ideally for contouring those areas, you want an almost completely brown bronzer. This bronzer works well as a forehead and chin contour though! Besides those areas, I would say it is best when applied over the face instead of concentrated in one area.
  3. Shades: This product only comes in two shades (1&2, creative names I know). If you have fair/ light skin go with 1 and if you have a medium skin tone go with shade 2.
  4. Price: The Stila Bronzer costs $28. Pricey yes I know but it will last you a very long time and is high quality! Worth the price to me!

I really like this Stila Bronzer and my friends do as well when I use it on them! If you want a product that will give you a naturally looking tan and glow then this is your product!

Let me know what you think if you have tried the Stila Bronzer before! 🙂



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