New Forever21 Jewelry Purchases!

Hello everyone! After an insane 4 weeks of school, work, event planning, and no shopping, I decided to treat myself to a little bit of online shopping. 🙂 I only looked at a couple of websites but made a lot of purchases! I thought I would share with you the jewelry purchases I made. I really haven’t updated my jewelry collection in a while and really wanted to catch up on a few of the new trends such as tribal prints!

Keep reading to see the name of the items I got along with the descriptions and prices! Check out Forever 21’s website for some great deals!

1. Etched Arrow Head Earrings– $4.80- Loved this geometric piece because of how edgy it is. It would look great with your hair in a simple ponytail!

2. Pointed Tribal Bib Necklace– $4.80- I’ve been needing one of these pieces for a while. These go perfectly with collared shirts directly under the collar. This can make any outfit fashionable & chic.

3. Braided Popcorn Chain Necklace– $6.80- Isn’t this piece just gorgeous? I loved the mixing of metals and imagine this just worn with a simple dress.

4. Chevron Dangle Earrings– $4.80- I got these because I thought they would be perfect for summer! Still haven’t stopped loving coral!

5. Tiered Crescent Necklace– $4.99- I think this will be a gorgeous piece for going out at night with a simple outfit! You definitely wouldn’t have to worry about earrings or other jewelry because this is a statement piece!

If you can’t tell I definitely love gold. Lol Most of these pieces come in silver as well if you are a silver person! You will be sure to see these items in my future outfit of the day posts! Let me know what you think of everything and be sure to check out the sales!


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