HOW TO: Fix Shattered Makeup!!

Hello everyone! So thought this post was necessary because one day after dropping my bronzer, I realized it was completely shattered. Heartbroken, I remembered that I had seen a video on how to fix shattered makeup a few months ago. Now I wanted to share that with you! Sometimes I will throw away broken makeup but since I spent nearly $30 on this Stila bronzer, I was not about to throw it away. Anywho, here is how I fixed it!

Alright so here it is, my sad broken bronzer. Lol Items you need to start the process is a small plastic/glass container, rubbing alcohol!

1. CRUSH IT: You want to crush the makeup as well as possible.
2. POUR IT: Sorry I didn’t take a pic of this part but pour rubbing alcohol into the jar until all the crushed pieces are just covered with alcohol (but don’t add so much that it is mainly alcohol).
3. FILL IT: It should be a liquid-y enough texture where you can pour the mixture back into the original container. (I accidentally didn’t add enough liquid this time.) If you don’t add enough liquid then use something plastic to transfer the mixture.

4. PRESS IT: Once you’ve got the mixture in the original container, get something plastic or glass that is relatively the same size (for eyeshadows, use coins!). Put toilet paper or a paper towel over your product and press down with the object. This will set the product in place.
5. DRY IT: Lastly, leave your product out to dry! I would suggest at least for 5 hours. Usually I leave mine to dry overnight.

And voila!
Your product is back to the way it was before! 🙂

COOL IDEA: If you want to be extra cool, you could also try to make a design in your product. For example, if you used a paper towel with flower imprints on it, then when you press down you would have a flower on your makeup. 🙂 Just a thought.

Leave your comments or questions below!


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