REVIEW: Suave Professionals Morrocan Infusion Hair Products

Hello everyone! Sorry that I have MIA for a little bit. Today I have a post that I am excited to share with you! About two months ago, Suave sent me six products from their new Morrogan Argan Oil line to try! I have used four of the products so far and have loved them! Here are my thoughts on them!

 Suave Shine Shampoo & Conditioner: First off these products smell great! It has sort of a shea butter/ vanilla scent! Each one retails for $3.69. The shampoo in this set lathered great & was a medium-thick texture. I have no complaints, it worked perfectly.

The conditioner is what I notice most between these two products. It has a really nice thick, creamy texture. I used a lot of this every wash & never found any residue left in my hair. My only complaint would be that if I was air drying my hair then I felt like I could sometimes feel the oils get on my neck & would need to towel it off. Overall this combo did a great job of making my hair smooth & shiny!

Suave Deep Conditioning Shine Mask: 
This product retails for $3.49. I really liked using the deep conditioner after my hair felt damaged or if it was missing some oomph. Again, another product with a nice creamy texture. I would say it was less thick than the regular conditioner though. I typically used in every 3 days and would leave it on my hair for 3-5 minutes after I conditioned.

I think the conditioner did a good job of making my hair more smooth then when I just used the two step process mentioned above. I don’t think this product is a necessity though.

Suave Styling Oil:
I think for most people, the was the most anticipated product of the line because there are so many other popular Moroccan infusion oils out there that are much more expensive. Some examples of the other options are the original Moroccan Oil and the Organix Renewing Moroccan Oil products. Unfortunately, I can’t do a comparison because I haven’t tried those.

However, I will say that this product, compared to the other products I tried, made the most difference in my hair. This is the product you need to buy if you are really looking to get a silky, shiny texture in your hair. And, it retails for only $6.99.

Tip: Don’t apply this to your roots. On damp hair, start about 4 inches from the top of your head and apply all over down to the ends!

So if you want silky smooth hair like mine, I definitely recommend you trying these products! Special thank you to Suave for providing the products for me to try! Let me know your thoughts on the products or your questions below in the comments! 🙂



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