HAUL Part 2: Urban Outfitters + Promo Codes!

Hey everyone! Recently, I have been buying a lot of Urban Outfitters clothes. I think they are always on top of the trends and bringing out the newest, most fashionable pieces. If you are planning to order something in the next few days then you are in luck! There are currently 2 promo codes for you to get discounts:
“SUMMERHIGH”: $15 off $75- Expires 7/23/2013 at 3am EST
“HOTDAZE”: 15% Off Everything + Free Shipping on all orders over $50- Expires 07/31/2013

Ecote Alexandra Suede Ankle Boot$24.99

(You can still buy it by clicking here! Sizes 8.5 and 9 left!)


This is my first pair of ankle boots that I’ve owned and I really like them! This particular one is a little darker in the front so it looks more worn. Great summer shoe!


Check out the other pieces that I recently bought and really love!

BDG Wash V-Neck Tee– $9.99

Staring at Stars Cheeky Runner Short- $14.99 



Lucca Couture Ladder Back Tank Top– $14.99

BDG Slub Breezy Button-Down Shirt– $9.99


Layered Ombre Bib Necklace– $12.99


Leave in the comments your favorite upcoming trends or you thoughts on the pieces I bought! Have a great rest of the summer! 🙂



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